Where there is a floor there is usually a ceiling.

Our range of suspended Ceilings both Mineral Fiber and Vinyl Wrapped Gypsum 2ft x 2ft Ceiling tiles are guaranteed to enhance the beauty of your space.
Mineral Fiber

Our Mineral Fiber boards are perfect for use in commercial areas, offering fire resistance, sound absorption, humidity blocker and light reflection. These boards are available in 2ft x 4ft sizes with all required framing and are factory painted white, however can be painted into any colour of your choice if required.

Gypsum Tiles

Our vinyl wrapped gypsum ceiling tiles are the perfect choice for all residential and commercial applications. Available in a variety of patterns our ceiling tiles adds style and class to any room. Each tile has an aluminum foil backing which enables for heat reflection minimizing the transfer of heat into the room. Its vinyl wrapping allows for easy cleaning and maximum light reflection minimizing maintenance. Also available are our 2ft x 2ft L.E.D. light fixtures with built in diffusers which allows for ease of installation.

Our highly trained Project Sales Division offers direct customer service which guarantees quicker and accurate responses each and every time. Free estimates, product specifications sheets, samples, on site presence and quick problem resolutions are some of the advantages our Project customers enjoy when engaging our Projects Division. We also offer onsite consultation for all roof designs and are factory trained to quantify with the submission of roof drawings, as well as, supply and installation packages if and when required.